Friday, July 15, 2016

Petrichor Lagniappe Spreadsheet

Petrichor Lagniappe, one of the Mistweaver legendaries come Legion, is one of the best overall legendaries Mistweavers can acquire. It's power doesn't swing heavily if you're a Mistweaver or a Fistweaver. Talents have an impact on it. It combos well with another legendary (Leggings of the Black Flame). It just benefits from your regular playstyle.

Below is an image showing my math, as well as a spreadsheet you can copy and simulate your average Revival cooldown.

First of all, the math:

EDIT: A couple of changes since this has been written. Change the '3' to a '2' to reflect the nerf to Petrichor Lagniappe. Change '180' to whatever the cooldown of Revival is in seconds with the 'Tendrils of Revival' Artifact trait.

One Cycle (3R + T) is however many Renewing Mists you can use, along with the Time in between for you to do that same cycle again.

Total Cycles is the amount of Cycles you can use during Revival's cooldown.

Petrichor Lagniappe's Reduction is the total amount of time it takes to go through all of the cycles.

 Lastly, Revival's cooldown is the legendary's reduction taken from Revival's base cooldown.

This spreadsheet can be copied and you can then edit the orange cell with a Haste value from gear to see how it affects the legendary's effectiveness.

The four scenarios are:

Thunder Focus Tea's cooldown doesn't start until it is full used, meaning Haste impacts ReM with TFT (with and without FT) very slightly, due to the GCD scaling with Haste.
   Time, when used with TFT, is TFT's cooldown + x GCDs.

Chiburst discussion here.

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