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Legion Mistweaver Guide - Mistweaving

One of the two playstyles of the Mistweaver spec is the ranged healer. Healing with this playstyle is fairly straightforward.

No Matter What

Press Renewing Mist on cooldown. It does very little overhealing thanks to its ability to jump to another injured ally within range, as well as sometimes proccing Uplifting Trance, a 40% buff to Vivify.

Single Target Healing

Light Healing
If you know an injured person won't take damage for some time, then you can just let a Renewing Mist tick away on them, conserving mana. If they need to be brought up, though, use a Sheilun's Gift with a low amount of stacks, and the subsequent Soothing Mist channel to bring them up.

Heavy Healing
If you know it's incoming, get Enveloping Mist on the target. If you have to heal someone in a pinch, use a Sheilun's Gift that has at least 5 stacks. If Enveloping Mist is already on the target, and the Soothing Mist channel isn't enough to stabilize them (even with the boost from Enveloping Mist), then start casting Effuse, as long as Enveloping Mist won't fall off by the end of the cast. Anything more serious than that, and you're likely to use Life Cocoon to give yourself some breathing room.

Group Healing

Light Healing
Cast Vivify whenever you have an Uplifting Trance proc. If someone is injured more than the others, center Vivify on them, so that they receive another heal from our mastery.

Heavy Healing
If you have it talented, use Mana Tea before spamming Essence Font until the buff ends. If you do not have Mana Tea available, use an Essence Font and follow up with a Vivify or two on the lower health members of the group for the double mastery procs. Anything more serious than that, and you can use either Revival for an instant heal, or Invoke Chi-Ji, the Red Crane if the damage period will last long enough.

Thunder Focus Tea Use
Thunder Focus Tea is a versatile cooldown, giving you the option to choose one of five possible augments to our core healing spells.
In raids, you want to use it primarily on Vivify in order to heal allies, as well as conserve mana for more healing later on. An alternative option, if you don't need the mana, is to use it on Renewing Mist, as it will still heal, as well as giving you the trance to proc another Uplifting Trance.
In dungeons, using Effuse is a nice alternative to quickly burst someone back up, as well as tossing out an instant Enveloping Mist on the move.
Thunder Focus Tea with Essence Font is very situational, and will likely not see much use.

Stat Priority

Raid Priority
Intellect >> Critical Strike > Versatility > Mastery > Haste

Versatility and Crit are close to one another in terms of healing gained per spell, and they also affect more of our spells than Haste and Mastery do. Versatility pulls out ahead of Crit due to the Damage Reduction it provides, as well

Dungeon Priority
Intellect > Haste > Mastery > Versatility > Critical Strike

In dungeons, you use non-Uplifting Trance Vivify more often than in raids, as well as your other spells that proc mastery. Stacking Haste is preferred, though, as it increases Enveloping Mist healing the most out of all four secondary stats, as well as allowing us to react to damage faster.

Yes, this means it's typical to have two sets of gear in your bag. However, it's usually fine to just have a different set of rings and necklaces, as they have a high concentration of secondary stats on them.



Level 15 - Zen Pulse provides the most healing during a trash pack to an ally within range of enemies, with the added bonus of not having to orient yourself to get the most amount of healing out of it.

Level 30 - Personal Choice, seeing as this is the mobility tier of talents, it's completely up to you as to how you want to move around more.

Level 45 - Mist Wrap is the go to choice of this row as it is a healing gain, instead of a mana gain. Mana has little value in 5 man content, until you start getting into upper Mythic+ content. Even then, the healing gain of Mist Wrap is too good to pass.

Level 60 - Leg Sweep is a powerful AoE stun that can provide a brief moment of time to catch up on healing

Level 75 - Healing Elixir has got you covered across the entire dungeon, instead of situational moments that the other options in the talent row

Level 90 - Invoke Chi-Ji, the Red Crane does a lot of healing when you need it on trouble trash pulls in higher Mythic+, or just letting him heal your group while you deal damage.

Level 100 - Focused Thunder gives you a great amount of options with Thunder Focus Tea in 5 Mans, without introducing anything into melee.


Level 15 - Chi Burst provides the most amount of healing when there's a cluster of players.

Level 30 - Personal Choice again.

Level 45 - Mist Wrap has mobile Soothing Mist, as well as a bigger Enveloping Mist healing boost whenever you use it. Very useful, especially since Enveloping Mist isn't extensively used due to its usual high overhealing.

Level 60 - Leg Sweep has the most usage out of all three talents in a raid setting.

Level 75 - Encounter specific, although Healing Elixirs will see the most use, but some encounters may favor Diffuse Magic or Dampen Harm.

Level 90 - Invoke Chi-Ji, the Red Crane is the default of this row for raiding, as Refreshing Jade Wind is used very situationally, and the healing of Summan Jade Serpent Statue is too low to warrant use.

Level 100 - Mana Tea helps increase your healing by giving you the ability to chain cast Essence Font during periods of burst damage, without bleeding your mana.

Gems, Enchants, & Consumables

Use the stat priorities above for this section, for whichever part of content you're doing the most of.

Gems: One Saber's Eye of Intellect, then follow the stat priority.

Neck Enchants: Mark of the Ancient Priestess

Ring Enchants: Follow Stat Priority

Cloak Enchants: Binding of Intellect

Food: Follow Stat Priority

Changelog: 6 January 2016 - Updated guide for better/more concise wording.

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  1. Hi, just wanted to say thanks for the guide, I've not managed to find many up-to-date ones. But I've heard different stat priorities namely that vers and critical are worse than mastery and haste.

    1. It's said that haste>mastery is best for dungeons and m+ since mana isn't as big of an issue. Versa>crit is best for raids