Sunday, July 24, 2016

Mistweavers and Our Melee Immunity

It's been no secret that Mistweavers are not classified as a typical ranged healer, we're instead classified as a melee-healer. What this means is that we're only targeted by spells that only affect melee, or any of the spells that specifically target healers and no one else, like Tichondrius's Burning Soul.

Below is a list of all known abilities that do not target Mistweavers (and now Holy Paladins). I will be updating this as the expansion goes on.

Hellfire Citadel
Starting the list here for pre patch.

Emerald Nightmare
  • Cenarius - Nightmare Brambles will never spawn under our feet, but a nearby ranged player may unintentionally kite them over you.
  • Xavius - Lurking Eruption (the small adds) will never explode underneath and then fixate on us.

Trial of Valor
  • Odyn - Hymdall's Dancing Blade will never center itself under us.
  • Helya - We can receive the Orb of Corruption designated for melee players, meaning two healers can be targeted at once.

The Nighthold
(Updates in Progress)

Chiburst discussion here.


  1. just an update from blizzard as far as legion goes,

    On the other hand, imagine a debuff that requires you to move away from other players for a short time or move to a certain location. In many cases, we exempt melee DPS from such abilities not because it would wipe the raid, but merely because reducing their effectiveness to near-zero for many seconds would be overly frustrating. We are much less concerned about asking Mistweavers or Holy Paladins to respond to these kinds of mechanics, because they can still use most of their abilities and be reasonably effective while briefly out of melee. In these cases they'd simply be handling the same mechanics that other healers were required to handle

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  3. What about botanist's roots? I want to stand with the melee/tanks, but am worried that I'll be that random ranged player that gets targeted for roots. I know you can get rooted regardless of your class type if a plant targets you and catches up, but melee do not get targeted as far as I've experienced.

    1. I'm in the process of updating Nighthold bosses. Mythic gives me an opportunity to get a large amount of spell casts to see where we fall. Updated the guide with Botanist info.

  4. Gul'dan - Eye of Gul'dan (and Empowered Eye of Gul'dan) will not channel onto Mistweavers.

    I'm pretty sure that is not true anymore as I was targeted by the channel of the Eye