Sunday, July 17, 2016

A Mistweaver's Guide to the Legion Pre Patch

In the Legion pre patch, all of the class changes are hitting Live servers, and with it, a lot of questions. What trinkets should I use? What stats should I go for? How do I get the most out of our tier bonus?

Questions like that.

All of the Hellfire Citadel trinkets have been nerfed by around 30%, but since they're still the same power relative to one another, nothing's really changed.

Use Unstable Felshadow Emulsion if you have Tier 18 4-piece, for a lot of Leech added to targets with Extend Life on them.

For your second slot, you have the choice between two trinkets:
Demonic Phylactery is a solid choice now, since Spirit is no longer a stat on gear. Flickering Felspark is okay if you need to fill one of the trinket slots. Sacred Draenic Incense is still too weak compared to the rest of the trinket to be worth considering.

There is a trinket worth mentioning if you're adventurous. If you're running Rising Thunder, you'll most likely be in melee, auto-attacking. This is where Anzu's Cursed Plume comes in. Proccing three times a minute from auto-attacks for a sizable Mastery gain is not enough to debunk the top trinkets, but would be helpful if you're a Brewmaster transitioning to Mistweaver, or if you want a change of pace.

The priority from my Legion Mistweaver Guide still holds up, depending on if you're Mistweaving or Fistweaving.

A majority of the talent choices in the Legion Mistweaver Guide still hold up, but there are some caveats for Mistweaver's Level 45 list:
  • Use Lifecycles if you need to save mana while spamming Enveloping Mist and Vivify to get the most out of our Tier 18 bonuses.
  • Use Mist Wrap to get the most possible healing out of Extend Life, at the cost of no mana sustain through Lifecycles.

Healing with Tier 18 Bonus
Monkioh's video about our Tier 18 bonus back when HFC first launched still holds true with Vivify. Getting out a cast of Renewing Mist as a Vivify cast is ending allows the target of that ReM to receive the full healing of Extend Life. This is especially important for bursting targets back up with an Uplifting Trance proc.

If you truly want to min/max this healing, Rising Thunder gives you the option of getting two ReMs with Extend Life on them to your group members that need it, as well as a higher UT proc rate, leading to even higher Extend Life healing. Focused Thunder is able to emulate this for Mistweaving, but only reliable for scripted burst.

Outside of specific healing with the Tier 18 bonus, it's the same as the Legion Mistweaver Guide, except Sheilun's Gift is unavailable to us.

Chiburst discussion here.

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