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Legion Mistweaver Guide - Fistweaving

The other Mistweaver playstyle is my personal favorite, Fistweaving. In Warlords of Draenor, the two playstyles were separated by stances, but in Legion, they're separated by talents.

To effectively Fistweave, you need to be talented into Rising Thunder and/or Spirit of the Crane. With these two talents, you are able to maintain a high amount of healing, while also generating mana, all the while dealing a respectable amount of damage.

Healing as a Fistweaver is all about maximizing the amount of Renewing Mists on your group, without wasting any Uplifting Trance procs.

First, let's dispel a rumor that I've seen floating around: Mistweavers still have melee immunity. However, it's no longer this huge blanket term that classified us as "melee" for the purpose of encounter abilities. Now we, along with Holy Paladins, are classified as "melee-healers". What this means is that we will only be targeted by abilities that also target melee, or any ability that specifically targets healers, like Tichondrius's Burning Soul.

For a full list of abilities we're exempt from, check out my post here.

Use Rising Sun Kick on cooldown to reset Thunder Focus Tea as often as possible.

For every Tiger Palm, you gain a stack of Teachings of the Monastery, up to 3. For each TotM stack, your next Blackout Kick will hit an extra time. Each of these BoK hits have their own 15% chance to reset the cooldown of RSK.
   If you want to reset RSK in the shortest amount of time, then build one stack of TotM then use BoK. If you want to maximize mana gained from Spirit of the Crane, build three stacks of TotM before using BoK.
   Both of these methods have the same chance to reset RSK over 4 GCDs (~47.8%), but the caveat is that 1 TotM BoK can reset RSK 2 GCDs faster, while 3 TotM BoK returns 0.65% more base mana.

Thunder Focus Tea Usage
You get a lot more uses of Thunder Focus Tea as a Fistweaver. A lot. But there's a simple system to use them:
  • TFT with Vivify when you need to conserve mana. Should be default use of TFT when you have an Uplifting Trance proc. 
  • Use TFT with Renewing Mist for healing.
TFT with Effuse is rarely used, as Effuse without Mastery is a weak spell. TFT with Enveloping Mist or Essence Font is situational.

Keep Renewing Mist on cooldown, hopefully paired with a TFT in order to get as much healing to the group as possible.

  • Single Target - Have Renewing Mist tick away on targets that require light healing, and aren't going to receive any more damage. If they need burst, use Vivify with a UT proc, otherwise, get Enveloping Mist on the target or use Sheilun's Gift.
  • Group Healing - Vivify, especially with UT procs as they come up. Use Essence Font when it will cause little overhealing. The mana gained through Spirit of the Crane allows you to use Essence Font more throughout a fight.
Soothing Mist is effectively removed from a Fistweaver's toolkit. The time you'd spend on it is better suited to regenerating mana through damage.

Stat Priority
Haste > Crit = Versatility > Mastery

Haste lowers our GCD, as well as the cooldowns of Blackout Kick and Rising Sun Kick, which lowers TFT's cooldown. Renewing Mist will also tick faster, while also adding partial ticks, giving each ReM a higher UT proc rate.

Crit and Versatility are nearly equal in terms of healing gained, where Versatility's damage reduction is useful. Mastery isn't as sought after, but isn't terrible to have on gear, as it's helpful when healing during Essence Font's HoT window.


Zen Pulse gives the most amount of Tank healing during trash packs, which is where you'll be spending most of the dungeon.
  • Level 30 - Personal Choice
The mobility tier of talents is up to your choice in dungeons.
Mist Wrap beats Spirit of the Crane in this talent row, as mana isn't as valuable in 5 Man content, where one can drink after every pull, unlike during a raid encounter.
Leg Sweep allows a respite in incoming damage, and doesn't ruin positioning of enemies
Healing Elixir is the best talent throughout an entire dungeon, barring any dungeons that rely heavily on burst damage or magic damage..
Chi-Ji will be the most beneficial during boss fights or big trash pulls, even though JSS channels its Soothing Mist when you're not.
Rising Thunder is the best healing gain of this talent row for Fistweaving. Hands down.

Chi Burst provides the most group healing of the talent row, which is a majority of all damage in raids.
Tiger's Lust provides a castable speed boost for any of the slower member s of your group. If the encounter doesn't call for, though, it's up to your pick.
Spirit of the Crane provides the most mana, but requires more skill than Lifecycles.
Leg Sweep is the only talent in the row that you'll get the full use out of in a PvE environment.
  • Level 75 - Encounter Specific
Healing Elixirs will see the most default use, unless an encounter specifically caters to Diffuse Magic or Dampen Harm.
Chi-Ji provides the most healing of that row, and scales with Haste, making him even better than JSS. Plus another raid CD is always nice, even when its healing is spread out over 45 seconds.
Rising Thunder provides the biggest healing gain in this talent row when you want to fistweave.

Gems, Enchants, & Consumables

Gems: One Saber's Eye of Intellect, then Quick Dawnlight > Quick Azsunite

Neck Enchants: Mark of the Claw > Mark of the Ancient Priestess

Ring Enchants: Binding of Haste > Word of Haste

Cloak Enchants: Binding of Intellect > Word of Intellect

Haste Food: Azshari Salad > Suramar Surf and Turf > Deep-Fried Mossgill

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  1. thank you so much for this fistweaving guide.

    im actually going to try and level using it,and as im new to monk i dont wanna pick up bad habits by playing WW!

  2. I was under the impression that Chi-Ji was never a good choice whether mistweaving, fistweaving, dungeons or raids.

    1. Chi-Ji is always a good choice. RJW has its niche uses where there's burst group damage and everyone can be stacked, whereas JSS is just underwhelming.

  3. Which do you believe is more effective? This or normal mistweaving?

  4. mistweaving or fistweaving? which is better?

  5. Obviously fistweaving makes you disc priest spec. So when u go for healing mistweaving is top but if u need some dmg output fistweaving is a lot better.

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