Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Legion Beta Build 22201

This build is an interesting one. Let's get right in to the changes:

Invoke Chi-Ji, the Red Crane had its heal per target nerfed by 16.67%, but in there hides a change that had been promised by Sigma. Chi-Ji now scales with haste, where every 3.33% haste we gain, he gains another jump, equating to 450% healing. You only need 16.67% haste for him to meet the pre-nerf healing.

Chi Burst has been bugged in beta for a long while now. The tooltip had been about half of what its healing was. Now we know; its tooltip had been wrong.

The buffs to Tiger PalmBlackout Kick, and Rising Sun Kick may look like a massive boost to our melee damage at first glance. However, the Mistweaver Monk core passive, which is in effect whenever we're in the MW spec, has changed to reflect this change:

  • RSK had been 632% (MW Passive was -20%), now it's 637% (0.8% buff)
  • BoK had been 335% (No MW Passive change), now it's 338.8% (1.1% buff)
  • TP had been 90% (No MW Passive change), now it's 92.4% (2.7% buff)
There also appears to have been a change to Teachings of the Monastery's buff duration. It had been an 8 second duration, but is now 12. A huge quality of life improvement for Fistweavers, or even Mistweavers in melee range with little healing to do.

Chiburst discussion thread here.

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