Sunday, October 23, 2016

7.1 Mistweaver Changes; the Single Target Build

7.1 is looming in front of us, with a revamped Karazhan, more Suramar quests, a new raid, but most importantly, spell tweaks!

Let's get right into the numbers, shall we?

7.1 Spell Changes

The Effuse buff has been sorely needed, as it had been not worth the mana to cast compared to an Uplifting Trance Vivify for purely single target healing, which is against Effuse's purpose as a cheap single target heal that procs both our Mastery and Soothing Mist.

Soothing Mist's buff is also an indirect buff to both Jade Serpent Statue and Unison Spaulders, which all lend to higher single target output, as well as less mana strain, leading Mist Wrap to be a more credible talent on progression than it had been in Emerald Nightmare.

However, the Invoke Chi-Ji, the Red Crane nerf is a bit out of left field. It may be more of a deterrence  in order to diversify that talent row, which makes sense with the Jade Serpent Statue buff.

Sheilun's Gift now triggering Soothing Mist is a much needed Quality of Life improvement with the time invested into its cast time.

Gameplay Changes

There's not really any huge changes to Mistweaver gameplay in 7.1, except we can now be an even better tank healer in the raid if that's what is needed for fights. I'm working on the math, as well as a short guide for that very specific playstyle (which will be linked here when it's complete).


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