Monday, September 19, 2016

Frost, Life, and Storm; Artifact Relics and You

Legion's been out and I haven't wrapped up some of the more niche posts on this site, so without further ado, let's get the different relic priorities laid out.

There are two main priorities, depending on if you have Mist Wrap talented or not. Since Mist Wrap is the default talent choice for dungeons, this makes it easy to classify the two priorities into Raid and Dungeons. These priority lists were created from a spreadsheet that I'm still getting some wrinkles worked out for talents and other smaller bits.

Raid Priority

  1. Gives Sheilun 2 or more iLvLs
  2. Extended Healing
  3. Essence of the Mists
  4. Infusion of Life
  5. Gives Sheilun 1 iLvL
  6. Way of the Mistweaver
  7. Protection of Shaohao
  8. Soothing Remedies
  9. Coalescing Mists
  10. Shroud of Mists
  11. Spirit Tether
Using a full artifact, the ~2% gain in intellect and haste/mastery on a 2 iLvL gain grants more overall healing than the increased duration on Renewing Mist, the increased healing of Vivify (and the Uplifting Trance procs), and the Essence Font healing throughout a raid tier, but the three outclass a 1 iLvL gain. All of the other options are minimal healing gains, but still listed in order of healing gain.

Dungeon ( Mist Wrap ) Priority

  1. Gives Sheilun 2 or more iLvLs
  2. Extended Healing
  3. Way of the Mistweaver
  4. Gives Sheilun 1 iLvL
  5. Soothing Remedies
  6. Infusion of Life
  7. Essence of the Mists
  8. Protection of Shaohao
  9. Coalescing Mists
  10. Shroud of Mists
  11. Spirit Tether
This list is made with the raid list in mind, but more focused on using Enveloping Mist and Soothing Mist for more single target-focused healing. This list will also work in a raid with Mist Wrap talented, as its playstyle in raids still hinges on using Enveloping Mist to great use.

ChiBurst discussion here.

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