Monday, August 8, 2016

Mistweaver Legendaries: An In-Depth Look

In the Legion beta, there's been a new addition to Dalaran: Legendary Flaskataur! This magnificent, massive Tauren in Mists of Pandaria Mage Challenge Mode Gear is selling all of the Legendaries that are available to us in Legion, for testing purposes.

Without further ado, let's get into a more in-depth look at these pieces of gear!

After casting Rising Sun Kick, the target receives a debuff called Lunar Glide that lasts for 8 seconds. During this time, the target's next melee attacks adds 5 seconds to your HoTs on the player receiving those attacks.

This legendary brings up the perfect opportunity to talk about maximum HoT durations. Most spells a player can apply to a target last a specific duration. However, if you apply the same spell to the same target while the buff is still on the target, that buff will have an increased duration compared to the original cast. Through this, you're able to increase the max time the buff is present by up to 33% of the spell's original duration.

This mechanic does not apply to this legendary.

For example, a regular Enveloping Mist lasts 6 seconds, and its maximum duration through casting it should be at 8 seconds. With Ei'thas, I've been able to get it past that (before the hotfix), up to 10 seconds. The caveat is that recasting the HoT on the target will bring that duration back down to its max casting duration.

The Blessing of Yu'lon Artifact trait is not affected by Ei'thas (no HoT increase).

TL;DR - Mana sustain and increased HoT duration on the tank.

Every tick of Soothing Mist adds a stack to the Collidus the Warp-Watcher's Gaze buff, stacking up to 100 times for an additional 100% amount absorbed on your Life Cocoon. This won't be reflected in Life Cocoon's tooltip.

The buff has no duration, meaning you can stack it during Life Cocoon's cooldown, or out of combat, as I haven't seen it clear itself when entering combat.

At 0% Haste, you'd need to spend 50 seconds channeling Soothing Mist to reach 100 stacks. Since this scales with Soothing Mist's tick rate, it follows the same formula as most other spells that scale with haste do. In this case, the formula would be:

50/(1+%haste) = Time to reach 100 stacks

Link to the Eye of Collidus Scaling spreadsheet can be found here. After making a copy, you can change the amount of Intellect and Versatility you have, as well how many ranks you have in the Protection of Shaohao artifact trait to see how big the absorb of Life Cocoon is at all of the Eye of Collidus' stacks.

TL;DR - Every spare tick of Soothing Mist you send out increases Life Cocoon's absorb amount linearly. Able to stack it outside of combat.

Every time you press Thunder Focus Tea, you gain another TFT buff for one of the five spells it can empower.

The spell-specific buffs are used before the baseline Thunder Focus Tea, and since TFT doesn't go on cooldown until its own buff has been used, it's imperative you get it back on cooldown to get as many as you can into a fight as possible. If you have Rising Thunder, Rising Sun Kick won't reset TFT's cooldown if you still have the base buff active.

The spell-specific buffs last for 30 seconds. If you press TFT again before one of the buffs fall off (through Rising Thunder, for example), it's possible to add another charge and refresh the duration of the buff. However, each buff can only stack up to two times, and any charges gained after you hit the cap only refresh the duration.

Rising Thunder synergizes ridiculously well with this legendary, as every TFT press gives more spell-specific buffs.

Spell IDs for each buff:
  • 216509 - Renewing Mist
  • 216992 - Effuse
  • 216995 - Enveloping Mist
  • 217000 - Essence Font
  • 217006 - Vivify
TL;DR - Using TFT gives you more TFT. Get TFT back on cooldown as quickly as possible. Rising Thunder is incredible with this legendary.

Whenever your Enveloping Mist overheals, it causes the Ovyd's Winter Wrap buff to replicate itself at its current time to two random, injured allies within 20 yards.

TL;DR - You're not punished as much for Enveloping Mist overhealing.

Every time you press Renewing Mist, the cooldown of Revival is reduced by 2 seconds.

Link to the Petrichor Lagniappe spreadsheet can be found here. After making a copy, you're able to see how the cooldown of Revival is affected at your level of Haste, if you decide to spend the entire time maximizing the amount of Renewing Mists out.

TL;DR - Pressing the button you always want to press gives you more Revivals.

Whenever your Soothing Mist heals a target, the target gains a buff called Unison every tick, which heals a random injured target for 50% of the tick your Soothing Mist just healed for. This means that it's affected by Enveloping Mist or any trinket procs, unlike the Soothing Mist from Summon Jade Serpent Statue. Even your own Soothing Mist's critical hits are replicated to a target at 50% effectiveness.

TL;DR - If you use Soothing Mist, this legendary is pretty good for some very light group healing.

My original post on the Legion legendaries (here) has a bit more information, mostly about rankings for both Mistweaving and Fistweaving styles of play, as well as where to obtain these items.


  1. Hi there. Might I ask where you got your Nick name from.. Cause From what I can recall. I've had the nick Gargathor for a very long time. And I found this through A reddit post.. from 26 days ago.. So How come I see this nick here?

    1. Funnily enough, I started playing WoW in 2011 as a Dwarf Paladin by the name of Gargathor. Now all my characters are named with "Garg" somewhere in it.

  2. I noticed something weird with Unison in a good way. It will target the most hurt character in a 20-30 yard range, but it can also heal the same target you heal with Soothing Mist if it doesn't find a more wounded target.

    So if no one else is injured, it is a slight increase in tank healing.


    If you heal target A and ally B is wounded, it will heal target B. But if only target A is wounded, and no one else are injured in 20-30 yard range. It will heal target A.

    Another thing I found it to be slightly better, is that it is a smart cast. In the way that it change target without your need to recast for it to find a new target

  3. The Eye legendary was hotfixed a few weeks ago (just after I got it even). Upon entering a raid boss fight the stacks are cleared unfortunately, making it useless to try and stack before fight.

    For a day after I received it it didn't work like that - stacks didn't drop at all. In dungeons and normal combat they aren't cleared at all - only raid bosses.