Saturday, March 25, 2017

7.2 Prep Post

Okay, so I'm not officially done with this site just yet. Gonna get quick and dirty with this (hopefully) last post, in order to get your minds squared up and ready for 7.2 (releasing Tuesday, much earlier than anticipated). Not much in the way of explaining, as I'm doing that for the Peak of Serenity site, releasing in a week or so.

Spell Changes

  • Mistwalk is removed from Mistweaver, replaced with good ol' terrible Chi Wave.
  • Fortifying Brew is added back to our base spellbook. 15 second duration, 90 second CD. Really good defensive.

Legendary Changes

Meaningful Legendary Priority

  1. Velen's
  2. Prydaz
  3. Ei'thas
  4. Petrichor (if extra time on Revival isn't wasted)
  5. Leggings
  6. Everything Else

Artifact Trait Order

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